Chef / Manager profiles

Monika Nowak-Poźniak

Manager – Locks Brasserie



Front of house is run by our dear Monika who first joined our team at Pearl Brasserie in 2011 as restaurant manager.


A native of historic Pomerania in northern Poland, Monika came to Ireland in 2007 starting out in the Harvey Nichols restaurant and the Residence Members Club.


With her warm demeanour, dynamic personality and attention to customer satisfaction, Monika bonds with her customers and excels in her new position as general manager in Locks.


Monika has traveled throughout Europe to learn in detail all of the stages of wine-making and enjoys helping customers with wine-pairing.


Monika has a special talent in event organisation and is ready to assist with reservations for group, individual dining or intimate weddings.


Monika looks forward to welcoming you to the re-vamped Locks Brasserie this year.


Karl Breen

Head Chef – Locks Brasserie


My First experience of a kitchen was not the usual story of a chef being called to the grill.
At the age of just 15 I began in the lowly position of porter at a local hotel, Silverwood, in my hometown of Derrymacash, Co Armagh; a beautiful part of the world on the banks of Lough Neagh.


During the long hours at Silverwood I was drawn in to the working world of the kitchen and I could see how the chefs worked together so tightly, like a football team playing a match every service. Watching how they coped with the pressures of every busy weekend service, I knew I wanted to be part of that world. Soon enough I was in my whites as a budding Commis Chef, holding a knife, standing side by side with the rest of the chefs. It was my new life and I’d found a second home.


My abrupt exit from education was a surprise to my family who could never understand why someone would want to work crazy hours, every weekend with no social life! People on the outside have to understand that this job is your social life; it’s a second family and new way of doing things, for me it was a new life.


I have been fortunate and had the pleasure of working in some of the best kitchens and with some of the most talented chefs in Ireland over the past 16 years. I’ve learnt different styles, techniques and methods of cooking and what it takes to be successful in this industry: strength of character.


We live in a country full of the best products in the world and I want to show this at Locks through my passion for cooking. My food philosophy is not to over complicate dishes; allow the natural flavours of seasonal ingredients to shine through. The aim is to deliver memorable meals that make the guest’s experience as enjoyable as possible while retaining the authenticity of the locally sourced produce.